Thursday, 24 December 2020

GDW Traveller Map in VR/3D

 I've finally finished the 1st release of my VR Traveller Map web application. It dynamically pulls data from Traveller Map and you can browse 25 sectors with it.  

YouTube video walkthrough below and at

Instructions and link to the app at

You can switch some data on and off (gas giants, zones, allegiance etc), click on worlds for UWPs, and set height and size to reflect information such as population, importance, tech level and starport. You'll need a WebXR compatible VR headset to use it (e.g. Oculus Quest). The current 2D/3D interface for ordinary users is more limited and lets you walk around Regina subsector but no more - will add fuller functionality next year.

From a technical standpoint the neat thing is that this is in WebXR so you don't need to download any software onto the VR headset, you just access through the built-in browser - but get a full VR experience.

Suggestions for v2 welcome - and of course any bug reports (only tested on Quest and PC).

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