Sunday, 28 February 2016

20mm English Civil War Figures

I'm busy trying to put together a set of custom playing cards to use for unit activation in my wargames. I mostly play with 6mm, but photographs of individual units lack the impact of the bigger scales, so I decided to dig out my old 20mm plastic ECW figures for the photoshoot. Actually bothered to set up a back drop, shoot with the (natural) light behind me, and add a bit of scenery. And for someone who's never really majored on painting or photography I was quite pleased with the result. Here are a few choice images.


Royalist Artillery (Orange coats I believe)


Commanded Muskets

A Russet Regiment

A Green Regiment

White Northern Foot

A close up of the Russet Regiment

A Grey Regiment

Close up of the Green Regiment

Haselrigs Lobsters