Monday, 29 May 2017

The Battle for Grosse Mahner Gap - Update 2

The  Battle for Grosse Mahner Gap rolls on - now up to Turn 20! The Russians are finally coming into contact with the main British defence around Grosse Mahner but have already lost most of the T64 Tank Battalion. I think the big tactical mistake was sending the Battalion forward in companies as they arrived from line of march. It would have been better to wait til all were on the board and then push them all forward in one go to swamp the Chieftains, which have instead been able to pick off (with the help of Swingfire on the flanks) each company as it has moved up. The Russians have also had very poor dice, often scoring no hits when the Chieftains scored max. Two worst-case command fumble rolls didn't help last move either.

Still like the system, but think I might stream line it a bit (eg AA), and handle mortars more like Artillery, and remove some of the "special" HQ rules. Will play til Friday then if not finished I think I've learnt enough from this game and time to change periods!

T64 Platoon lost to 120mm APDS. Damaged platoons in distance

2S1 strike against the woods falls short, but effectively obscures the Chieftains from their targets

A BMP Platoon has taken over from the BTR60s fighting through the woods

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