Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Salute 2013

Back at the of April I went to Salute - the big wargames show in London - for the first time in about a decade. It was a truly huge event, with a good variety of stands, games and vendors. I met up with my mate Alan (who makes awesome wargames scenery and paints superbly) and we toured our favourite games. Here are some of the best we saw.


A wonderfully weird space/floating islands game, part Avatar, part Space:1889.


A 28mm mega-skirmish Napoleonic game. Superb figures and painting - particularly since my world currently revolves around 6mm.


Fitting in with the current steampunk meme a Space:1889 Martian conflict complete with canals and flying barges. Probably one of the best looking games on show.

There was also a Mexican game that Alan really loved, 30mm I think, so getting even bigger.

The other two I really liked but for some reason failed to get images for were:

- a 6mm Franco-Prussian war game with great scenery and showing why this scale works so well
- a large ancient game being played out on a gridded table, echoing my own thoughts about gridded movement.

Every time I go to a show whilst I love being a punter I always hanker after running my own game - after all I did my first show games when I was still a teenager. Perhaps I can persuade Alan and Nick to do one to show off our 6mm plus hex system next year.

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