Monday, 13 March 2017

Holding Pattern

Work keeping me busy at the moment with two product launches by the end of the month, so wargaming is more or less on hold, didn't even get to WMMS.

What time I do get is being spent on WW3 stuff. I've made some killed markers (cotton wool - black spray - red & orange paint), artillery hit markers (white & brown puffs and craters), and some dug-in markers. Images all below.

Also reading around the overall scenario for 1 (BR) Corps and the likely fighting around Braunschweig and the Elm feature and trying to predict a suitable hex for an infantry heavy battlegroup in the Covering Force to try and delay an MRR for my next/last test game. Then later in the year I'll use the SPI BAOR game for a full campaign.

Also got a package of bits from H&R arriving this week to fill the gaps in my current UK/Soviet units, and will build out to a full MRR and add some Warrior later in the year.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Naseby Recce

It's nice when work and play come together. Whilst the initial work on our virtual field-trip system (Fieldscapes - more later) was focussed on geography/geology field-trips that kind Mr Gove had the history syllabus re-written so that it now places more emphasis on battles - particular ECW and the overseas ones we won (Waterloo, Blenhiem etc), so it's time to see what Fieldscapes can do for the virtual battlefield tour.

So I got to spend a very nice day today walking around Naseby, Glenn Faord's book in hand, taking lots of photos. The landscape model is already in and looks pretty good, and also shows most of the various points that Glenn makes, particularly about whether it was Rupert or Fairfax that made the first lateral move based on what Rupert could see as he left Clipston.

As well as panoramas I also took some 360 degree photospheres which I'll post up to Google Maps in due course.

Here are a few choice photos:

The main battlefield, look N from the Parliamentary lines, by Cromwell's memorial

Looking S from the Royalist R flank, roughly along back of Sulby hedges

Click for full panorama from the ROC Viewpoint of the retreat

Bloodyman's Ford, Market Harborough, where many were slain and the King nearly captured

I'll post a link and video of the app once we have a first cut.