Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Return to 2mm?

When I first got seriously back into wargaming about 10-15 years ago I soon realised that I had neither time nor space (or budget) for 20mm or bigger, so I started looking at smaller scales. I played Borodino in 2mm and enjoyed it  a lot, but the lure of the bigger 6mm figures was in the end just too much.

But I think 2mm does have its place, so I've dusted off the old figures and I'm looking at a better way to base them, with, as ever, the aim of using them on Hexon terrain (1 hex = 400m so each element is a Division).

I do like hexes as bases as well, as they give more of an "area" feel than rectangles. So I bought a range of hexes at Salute, and I've decided that the 70mm hexes are best, as they can then sit in any orientation in a Hexon hex, and you can see any underlying terrain features (I use felt as a "base" for BUA and woods). The images shows a prototype Inf and Cavalry division (may go for more stands for the Inf), along with my original 2mm buildings on my original 4cm hexes, and some 1/1000th buildings from Brigade Models that may be a better match.

Plenty of space at the back of hex for labels/dice holders, and space at front for skirmishers.

Now just need to buy up some more blank hexes and base the rest of the troops in time for a game of Jena or Eylau.

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