Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The Battle for Grosse Mahner Gap - Update

Soviets at bottom, attacking up table
The Battle for Grosse Mahner Gap game in CWC has been progressing well, if  a little slowly, just getting a couple of turns in a night. Currently on turn 13 I think, so is that 1 or 2 hours in in game time ? Feels more like 1.

The Soviets are making heavy weather of it - although they are only just up to Bn+ on the board, with another Bn+ yet to come!

On the left they deployed a BTR60 coy to root out A Coy Gp DERR which had ambushed the road, but they lost their Coy HQ and have been immobile every since (v low roll needed to activate as woods and Russian and lost OC).

A BMP Coy sent up the road cleared it of mines but then again got ambushed (poorly) by A Coy Gp. The Soviets deployed from their BMPs and are now looking to push up the slope. They've called in mortar support (off target) and the AGS17 is not being too effective either.

In the centre a new T64 Coy has taken over from the first one that got destroyed covering the mine clearance operation. They are supported by a BMP Coy. As they came in range of B Coy Gp and the Chieftain troop in Nienrode the Chieftains opened fire, but only caused slight damage. To help arrest the coming onslaught OC B Coy called in air support and a couple of Harriers raced in, dodging the Gaskin and SAM-7 (just one minor hit) and used PGM to effectively take out one platoon of T64s.

Harrier pair on its way in

The first Harrier inflicts damage

A second BMP Coy has just arrived in Liebenburg to help clear the ridge and road to Grosse Mahner. The next few rounds should see some intense fighting on the ridge and around Nienrode.

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