Monday, 1 May 2017

The Battle for Grosse Mahner Gap - Startex

The next step in my "move" to Cold War Commander is to try it on a proper size game, Soviet Motor Rifle Regiment against a British Reinforced Battlegroup, with 1 element = 1 platoon/troop, and 1 hex = 10cm = 200m.

The Soviets are attacking form Line of March, so there is a delay between each of the main elements.

In the first few turns it was just the recce group which got nicely brewed up by Scimitars of the close recce company as they reached the minefield (fires in the distance).

Then delayed Combat Recce Patrol (Platoon) arrived, closely followed by the Forward Security Element (Coy+). Next step is for the Soviets to clear the mines, although an ambush waits up on the ridge.

Playing nicely so far, and I've done my own 3 page QRS so I can do away with most of the book, and also have some unit cards nearing completion so I don't need the army list pages.

Saw that WW2 new edition was out at Salute, will buy it when I do Western Desert, hopefully in the Autumn, and apparently Modern new edition is due out around Christmas.

If this game works out OK then the next step will be an SPI BAOR based campaign.

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