Saturday, 19 July 2003

The Battle of the Blogs

The Battle of the Blogs

For some reason this week has all be about blogs. Started using Blogger for this and the Headcrash blog. At week spent a lot of time playing with Geeklog. Geeklog is an open source blogger/portal builder. Very powerful but appallingly documented - have to hunt all over the Geeklog site and other places and still can't find the info! Then started looking at Movable Type. More corporate than Geeklog, just got a VC funding round and has a paid licence for corporate use. On the plus side the documentation is all there, the site is nice and clean and its written in Perl, which is my language of choice ( getting Java development/hosting space is just too complex. Will look at setting Movable Type up if I can get the MySQL database sorted out, and then use that for a project and decide which of the three ways to go for my own stuff. All three have major new versions about to be released so too early for a decision anyway.

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