Tuesday, 22 July 2003



Another area I want to touch on in this blog is robots. Whilst the best I'll probably be able to rustle up over the next few years is something around Lego Mindstorms I think that robotics has a great future ahead of it. Speculative essays later, but for now I just want to collect some of the key robot developments around today. At Number 1 has to be Sony's Aibo.

I had a play with one at Orange's Future House. The girl's bedroom had one. It also had a smart board that was used to display the Aibo's camera view and provide touch control of the robot so you could send it through the house and get a live video feed back. Great fun. All the Exec's I had with me to look at the more serious side of the technology in the house went away remembering Aibo but little else! If Aseriti actually starts making some serious money the MD and I have promised we'll get the company to buy one. Ever wanted your utility bill read out by a robotic dog?

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