Sunday, 20 July 2003

Blogging at Breakfast Sunday morning.

Blogging at Breakfast

Sunday morning. Papers haven't come and no rush and everybody else out (just) so a good excuse to wi-fi from the kitchen and read the BBC news. Finally finished Dead Air by Ian Banks last night. Probably the worst Ian Banks novel so far, nowhere near as good as the early stuff, or even the later things like The Business and Complicity. Not the worst Iain Banks though.

Up side is I can finally start reading Pattern Recognition by William Gibson. Like Banks I've read everythings he's ever done, as he's done it, having picked up on Neuromancer soon after it came out. PR looks really good but I'm only 30 pages in. Will certainly force me to get around to reading No Logo. Gibson's blog is a great companion to the reading, as is the discussion board - which almost out fetish's fetish:footage:forum in what it reads into his work.

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