Thursday, 24 July 2003

Anime Music Video (AMV) Ten

Anime Music Video (AMV)


Ten hours later and I'm a fully signed up fan of AMV. Totally PR like the more you push into something like this the depper it gets and before long you've found a whole otaku powered cottage industry turning out the videos, showing them at Cons, and sharing them via anonymous-FTP. Best so far has to be Lee's Bachelorette video using the Bjork song (which I love anyway) and clips from Utena, a stunning looking women's anime.

It looks like a current driver for AMV is DDR - Dance Dance Revolution which looks big in the US at the moment and I've seen some coverage of it here in the UK. I suppose those people need something to look at while they do their moves - and the AMV stuff beats most other music videos I've seen recently.

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