Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Scharnhost mini-campaign and Blucher game prep

Nick and Alan look away now!

Day after Salute I'm umpiring a Scharnhorst mini-campaign and then the resulting Blucher game. Using hexes for Blucher of course and 6mm. Never used the Scharnhorst mini-campaign system and may well adopt it for use with SLS.

I've mounted my usual 6mm battalions into 2 battalion sabots to represent Brigades - its effectively what I've been doing with "big" SLS, and the sabots will make it a lot easier to move units. The sabots also have a double width back to take unit labels and probably small die holders to represent SLS disorder - still debating the best way to do SLS damage - I just love the multiple puffs but make no sense behind a unit. Here I've just done some custom labels for Blucher. The bases were custom made for me by Products for Wargamers - thanks Jim!

We're using the Along the Danube scenario orbats - but the forces on table and the terrain will be whatever comes out of the mini-campaign.

Here's the Austrians:

And here's the French:

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