Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Filling some 1/300th gaps

Whilst work is still busy I've been filling in the odd bit of time with buying and painting some vehicles to fill the small gaps in my British Mechanised Brigade and Soviet Motor Rifle Regiment. I still need a couple of BTR60 battalions for the Soviets and a Warrior Bn as an alternative to the FV432s for the Brits before I move on to 24th Airmobile Bde and some Soviet Airborne and then some other nations (tempted by the Baltic States as being topical at the moment!). All models Heroics and Ross.

T64/T80 Company to complete my 2nd Tank Bn

Scorpions of a Medium Recce Sqn get ready to spot the MRR advance

The MRR Headquarters. Love the Soviet ACRVs. Need some motorbikes!

SA-9 Gaskin providing Regimental air defence

BMP Company with the nice new "active" 1/300th figures from H&R

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