Saturday, 22 April 2017

Salute 2017

Nice Hexon Battle of Cambrai

Nick, Alan and I went up to Salute today - first time we've ever all been there at the same time. We must have got there a bit earlier than normal (and left a bit earlier than normal?) as it seemed a lot busier the whole time.

That said I was disappointed at how few "big" wargames there were - lots of small skirmishes, but nothing with the big sweep of the Ligny, Waterloo and Quatre Bras games of a few years ago, or even last years Golan Heights (?) or ECW Bristol game. As Nick said most of the bigger games did seem to be more like static dioramas than active wargames which was a pity. Ironically it seemed to be the ones being played were also the ones where people were most likely to tell you what was going on.

As a result of the lack of big games I've only got a few photos.

In terms of booty I also bought less than I expected. I picked up pre-orders from Kallistra (mostly slopes and the bits for my Hexon Catan game) and Heroics & Ros (BTR60 Battalion), placed an order with Newline Designs (taking advantage of their 4 for 3 offer), but otherwise it was odds and ends like some 28mm sheep (for Hexon Catan), MDF hexes I various sizes to try out for my 3mm figure bases, and  hardback 3rd Edition copy of Tony Bath's classic "Setting Up A Wargames Campaign".

Overall made me question whether I'd make the trip next year, particularly if I can get to WMMS, and possibly Hammerhead.

Cambrai game - whole board - nice lot of hexes!

Cambrai - love the British tanks

WW2 Desert game - Battlegroup Tobruk

Detail - Battlegroup Tobruk

Top cover - Battlegroup Tobruk

Battlegroup Tobruk

General d'Armee I think

Didn't get a pic of the one big Cold War game - 1/300th but 1 model =1 veh - nice big table though!

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