Monday, 20 February 2017

Work Plan 2017

Here is my draft work plan for 2107 - will be interesting to see what of it I get done. Wasn't too far off with last years!

6mm Nap (0/2)
6mm ECW (0/2)
6mm 100YW (0/1)
20mm Metal Nap (2/8 units) + sabots
20mm Metal Rus Nap (0/2)
WW2 North Africa 1/300th (BKC)
Try 20mm ECW metal
ECW 1642/3 (1/4)
Nap 1797/1807 (0/5) (inc 1806)
ECW Campaign Start
Next Nick Campaign
Cloth - Green
Cloth - Sand 10cm hex
Try CWC*
Try GdA
Base 6mm Modern Warpac @
Brigade sabots 
Rebase 6mm Nap
6/15/20mm Rivers
6/15/20mm Hedges - scratch dowel
2mm nap again?
Articles (0/3)
Medieval/ECW/Modern/WW2Des 6mm bldgs
- Leven miniatures?, 
CWO Bde??
SLS Unit cards - standing army??

X/Y = X units done out of Y


Jan: 🎨20mmNap(2), 🔪ECW*
Feb: 🎲ww3@, 🔪Auerstedt
Mar: 🎨100YW, 🔪Jena

Apr:  🎨20mmNap(2), 🎲2mm??
May: 🎨RussianNap,ww2NA 🔪ECW
Jun:  🎨20mmECW, 🔪Eylau, 🎲ww2NA

Jul: 🎨ScotsECW, 🔪ECW
Aug: 🎨20mmNap(2), 🔪Friedland 
Sep: 🎨FrenchNap, 🎲ww3?

Oct:  🎨20mmNap(2), 🔪ECW
Nov: 🎨NmaECW, 🔪Rivoli 
Dec: Catch-up!

 🎨 = figure painting
 🔪 = named battle wargame
 🎲 = experiment with rules (own and others)
@ = doing
* = done

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