Monday, 20 February 2017

CWC Playtest - Conclusion

View from the Soviet lines, T72s taking a beating

It only took a couple more turns to finish the game. Chieftain APFSDS and HESH just sliced through everything in sight, taking out the T72 Company, and then the BMP Company advancing on the right ridge (in fact they got a fallback before being totally destroyed. As mentioned the Carl Gustav's sorted the other flank - although I did mis-read the "H"rule - which although called howitzers appears to be nothing to do with indirect fire and actually means they can only fire at half distance - wouldn't have made much difference. The Strikers of the Anti-Tank Platoon also got up onto the left ridge in time to contribute to the Soviet destruction.

T72s and BMPs burning

Overall very happy with the games and rules, particularly once I've made some in house changes, which are likely to include:

  • Accrual of hits, tempted to do a quality roll to remove 1 hit in turn inflicted - but never the last hit - quite SLS like in other words
  • Once you have to roll > 10 dice (or 8) just roll 1/2 number and count double
  • Add in a DM for if arty is Under Command or General Support or Direct Support (and equiv points costs)
  • Add in MFCs for BAOR, like FOOs - maybe bit cheaper
  • MFC/FOO have negative DM if cross-ordering
  • Not sure about CO/BG/Bde Comd command range - doesn't work like that - might make more radio like
  • Add in some rules for EW (-DM on command roll, should work well)
  • Allow inf to fire guns and anti-tank in same activation (which of course they do)
  • Might change suppression - think should be automatic if hit, but otherwise roll?

Might post up once done.

Also need more houses (been trying out 1/1000th), and some damage smoke puffs.

Busy basing up the rest of my decades old 1/300th so I can have a MRR vs a well reinforced BG as a final test. Already making plans to buy and paint up 24 AirMob Bde - I might actually finally have a figure of myself on a wargames table!

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