Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Here come the Russians! Soviet Forces - 1985 1/300th force

Inspired by how well CWC went I've now rebased all my old (35yrs+ - hey they probably predate 1985!) Soviet 1/300th models. Will sort out the rest of the BAOR ones too. Just about have enough to do an MRR attacking from line of march against a BAOR reinforced Battlegroup as a test of the rules plus my in-house changes. AAR to follow.

Will then put in an order (or pick up at Salute) the models to round off the various units (like a BTR60 Bn and a third BMP battalion, and some T64s/T80s), and also to get 24 Inf Bde (or at least Bde HQ plus a battalion).

I really like the 4cm hexes as a base - together with the 10cm Hexon they very much give the idea that this is an area being covered by a unit, not a specific location of a single vehicle.

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