Sunday, 17 April 2016

Salute 2016 - Purchases

Photos to follow as I get things painted up.
  • Hexon pre-order of some slopes, so I don't have such abrupt hills
  • Baccus pre-order of a load of War of the Roses 6mm to finish off my WOTR force giving me enough to fight Bosworth at about 1:33, probably using Sword and Spear
  • A great haul from Four Square of their resin 15mm Afghan buildings and walls for my modern skirmish project, and a couple of 6mm bridges
  • A pack of 20mm metal French Napoleonic line from NewLine. 20mm looks so great on Hexon, and to me has a better "density" than 15mm or 25mm/28mm. And I've got too many plastic 20mm I can't see myself abandoning the scale. But I do like the idea of metal figures, and having battalions of all one pose, so time to try some metal 20mm and see how they blend in.
Book wise:
  • Maida - 15 Minutes of Glory - was after it anyway for a 210th Anniversary wargame shortly, and was 1/2 price
  • A Ken Trotman Monograph reproducing a turn of the century (1890s) analysis of Austerlitz - timely since I'm Napoleon in the battle next weekend, and only £1
  • A Lance and Longbow booklet on Livery of the War of the Roses, just right for those Baccus figures and my new activation cards.
On the bits and pieces side some MDF bases and movement trays - still not quite what I want - and some metal paper to test out with the Poundland magnetic tape I bought on Friday.

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