Thursday, 21 April 2016

Battle of Powick Bridge, 23rd Sept 1642

I've decided to play through 3-4 major engagements of the English Civil War a year, working chronologically through the war, so 2016 is 1642, 2017 will be 1643 etc.

That means first up it has to be the Battle of Powick Bridge, which took place near Worcester when Parliamentarian and Royalist cavalry bumped into each other whilst Rupert was escorting a supply train of plate.

I used the Warr Without An Enemie: Battle of Powick Bridge scenario - although its description of the battle is almost the opposite of Wikipedias! Must check my other sources. Either way its a small cavalry skirmish with about 3 regiments a side.

Given the small size I was able to use my 20mm ECW figures. I used my own ECW rules (hex based, some commonality with my Steady lads Steady horse & musket rules), and Hexon terrain at about 30m per hex (usually 100m per hex, but I used two bases=1 Troop = 1 hex frontage). Since there was no real musketry or gunnery nothing else needed changing and all worked out quite well.

Initial dispositions, looking S across Powick Bridge. Sleeping Royalist in the foreground, Parliamentary advance guard on the bridge

Parliamentary cavalry crosses the River Teme

Royalist cavalry rallies having been pushed back in the initial melee

Prince Rupert counter-attacks across the bridge.

Royalist pushing S from the bridge, but on Turn 5 the main Parliamentary cavalry force turns up, so it will probably be curtains.

Finishing off the game tonight as dining table needed for Friday night!


The victorious Roundheads charge across Powick Bridge

Well that didn't take long. First unit activated was the main Parliamentarian cavalry force. They routed the disordered Royalists on the bridge, who in turn disordered the troop behind them, who were I turn promptly despatched by the advancing roundheads, game over.

Overall I was pretty happy with how the rules played with such a small force and with Troops standing in for Regiments. Since there was no firing I didn't have to worry about adjusting ranges, or worrying about small pike and musket groups, so not sure how it would have worked if there was infantry around.

Less happy about the fact that the scenario appeared to have the battle the wrong way round - will do my own research as well next time I use a pre-printed scenario!

Routing Royalists and the custom card deck

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