Monday, 11 April 2016

Afghan Gaming - The Brits

Like many wargamers I've always been a bit wary about gaming ultra-modern conflicts like Afghanistan, Cechneya and the Ukraine. However I've just started painting up an "early" Afghan force, circa 2008, so I must be thinking that there is enough distance beginning to build up there, and the conflict in its initial form has certainly come to an end.

There are though a few extra reasons why wargaming this period/setting is of particular interest to me:

  • The very asymmetric nature of the combat lends itself to a different kind of wargame. Judging by the helmet cam coverage just one wounded Brit is enough to call "endex". It looks like the Too Fat Lardies forthcoming Fighting Season rules make a good attempt to capture this, with every operation being judged more or less on how it might look in the Daily Mail the next day.
  • I'm on the look out for a set of near-SF skirmish rules, but most that I've seen so far are either too gamey or too much into snazzy weapons. An "updated" modern set might be just what I'm after.
  • There are some very real debates at the moment about what the modern force should consist of. What should be the load-out of the fire team and the section - particularly the mix of GPMGs and LMGs. Also should fire support be at the company not battalion level - or even a fourth section at platoon level. What will be the impact of the new wheeled MIV? Being able to game these current debates brings a new angle to my (our) games.
  • My day job puts me at the edge of military simulation, so who knows I might be able to find a commercial way to put modern wargame rules to use.

The photos here are of my British platoon. Figures are TSS/QRF 15mm. I'm no great painter but hopefully they pass the 2ft test. Next up some Afghans, a WMIK and some suitable houses.

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