Thursday, 28 July 2005



We got hit by a tornado this afternoon. When I left AWM the sky was ominously dark. By the time I got home there were deep long rolls of thunder. Then sat in the study catching up on voicemails the wind suddenly came out of nowhere. Every tree in sight was swaying and bending, even the big birch outside my window. Out the front things looked even darker and beyond the houses opposite it looked like smoke was blowing through the air - I guess it must have been soil and dirt - with rubbish blowing in amongst it. The almost as quick as it had come it went. Then the doorbell rang - two trunks of our laburnum had borken off and lay across the drive. We were lucky. Further down Oxford Rd towards the school the place resembled a war zone. Two trees across Cotton Lane to the south, one across it to the north. Houses on both sides with trees on their roofs. A tree outside the school across half the road, the school sign bent at 45 degrees. I walked around the area, almost every road had a tree across it - School Rd, Greenhill, Billesley - right outside Morgam News. The track was tight though, 200m away from it and there were twigs down, but nothing big. Sounds like Kings Heath got it bad, and apparently the police have set up a triage centre in Moseley itself.

tornado track.JPG

Just spoken to one of Jo's school friends - almost all the windows in their house were blown out, all their big trees came down.

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