Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Happy 2nd Birthday!

This blog is 2 years old. I must admit I'm suprised it's kept going since I've never kept a diary this long. But certainly since going independent the blog is an extra weapon in my arsenal, and I've also found it useful just as a scrapbook of things I've found and liked. Often when talking to people about things I'll pull up the relevant blog post - at least I now know where I've filed it.

A quick look at the July 2003 posts shows that little has changed in my interests:

- Anime and manga - Joanna's just got all the drawing books back out again, and I still love GITS and Lain
- Web pads - Nokia's almost got there, and I'm writing this on a tablet PC
- Blogs - like they've gone away! And I did move to Movable Type
- Aibo and Asimo - I've actually got an Aibo on loan in the house at the moment, and Asimo was in Brum last week
- Kurweil AI - now I've got my own Halo and the Sitepal system

The biggest difference is that now running my own business I can try and turn all of these into parts of my day job and revenue earners!

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