Tuesday, 3 July 2018

4cm Hex Desert Mat

Just taken delivery of a 4cm hex 4' x 6' cloth from www.tinywargames.co.uk. The light hexes work really well, and the mat is a lot darker/yellower than the image looks. A bit shiny but that might go. Will rebase all the Rommel units as single vehs on 4cm hex bases similar to  my existing WW2/1985 units, and then look to play BKC3 when it comes out or my own MechWar (when I finish it), or something else suitable.

Rebasing the figures is going to be a pain though....

Also need to think about terrain - do I do hex shaped (which looks weird) or overlay hexes on the sand hills I've got (which is what I've also done for WW2/1985).

Also aiming to use the cloth for Modern/Afghan and SF skirmish combat - be interesting to compare to the 1" 2' x 2' cloth I got at Games Expo.

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