Friday, 18 August 2017

Lancers of the Imperial Guard

Polish Lancers

June's painting batch, actually done in July and based in August, were the two regiments of Imperial Guard Lancers - 1st Polish and 2nd Dutch.

Polish Lancers command group

The figures are Newline 20mm, and 9 to a medium sized regiment (so about 1:33). I know that the Guard cavalry regiments were huge, but I already have two regiments in plastic, so all-in-all I should have about the right number of figures now.

Dutch Lancers - Young Guard at left

In doing the Dutch Lancers I discovered that about 1/3rd of their squadrons were "Young Guard" and so had blue, not red, uniforms, hence the blue guys on the left of the photo above. This may be why some eye-witness accounts mention being charged by blue lancers, even though some (one?) writer I've read then dismissed this with a "only the Dutch were at Waterloo so must have been mistaken" line.

Dutch Lancers - command and Young Guard

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