Thursday, 10 November 2016

Almost doubled my ECW Army

My mate Alan offered me his ECW army at the weekend. He hasn't used it in decades since a wargame of Edgehill and the figures are old Irregular Miniatures or Heroics, so whilst a bit smaller than my Heroics they'll be fine on the table.

The figures were on simple strip bases, so spent the last couple of days moving them to my standard bases. The cavalry also all had silver helmets and cuirassier, so replaced those with dark/black steel.

Here they are on the new plain bases, next task is to paint and flock the bases, and then get them on the table for the Edgehill battle I've got planned for later this month.

It also just so happens that Dale, another old wargaming friend, recently posted an image of the show guide and entry for that game of Edgehill that Alan used the troops for back when he was a teenager!


  1. Great haul; what a fine friend Alan is!

  2. Yep, gave them there first battle outing on Friday too.

    Got another article in this month's Miniature Wargaming with a Part 2 next month on grid based wargaming. Next up will be the ACW Survey results once I write them up!