Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Brockham for 1/300th

As part of my testing of the latest iteration of my mechanised warfare rules (now called "Contact: Wait Out!") I've decided to model the area around my home village, Brockham in Surrey. As a kid I remember starting on a similar model for my 1/300th tanks based around 1 ceiling tile = 1 sq km. The model is one 10cm hex = 250m, so I suppose 1mm:2.5m or 1:2500.

Here's the area modelled on a 1:25000 map:

The reason for doing this is that fighting over an area I know intimately gives me a far better sense of how things like distance, visibility, occupancy and cover are converting to the rules and the table top.

I'm first going to play through a "late Sealion" scenario with Germans attacking from the south and trying to secure at least one bridge over the River Mole, but everyone has 1944 era kit. Defence force will be a about battalion group strength, attackers twice that.

Then I'll do a Cold War Gone Bad scenario with the Russians invading!

Just for fun I put out a mix of 1/300th, ECW, Napoleonic, WW2 and Modern to see how they look. As you might guess one of the things I really want to get is for the rules to let me do heli-borne assaults (a legacy of my time in 24 Airmobile Bde no doubt!)


  1. Wonderful pictures, agree with you for the visibilty and distances...looks great!

  2. Great idea David.
    The terrain looks superb and he scale is perfect for such 'long range' style of war machines

  3. Thanks guys, yes 250m per hex lets you cover a nice area, but think I might have to push it up to 500m per hex to get the effect I'm really after