Friday, 2 September 2016

Pike & Shotte and Hexon

Each battalia is 3 P&S units, 2 of shot, 1 of pike, each occupy 1 hex

Took these as part of article I'm working to see how the Pike & Shotte rules would work on a 10cm Hexon grid - even though it took almost every 20mm ECW figure I had to muster two Pike & Shotte Battalia. I'm tempted to use them in my refight of Barnet though as they may suit that far better than my big battles rules.

Cavalry units of 8 figures over 2 hexes

Pike and Shot ready to receive

Coming to push-of-pike, note realistic variety of actual colours/units!
Dragoons play out the skirmish came in the copse on the flank


  1. Wonderful minis and splendid pictures!

  2. Thanks, trying to improve my photography. Tempted to buy a decent lighting rig, didn't realise how cheap they are. And a DSLR!