Wednesday, 10 August 2016

First 20mm Metal Napoleonics

Whilst all of my 20mm Napoleonics to date have been plastic there is definitely something nice about the heft, detail and uniformity of metal figures so I thought I'd buy some and see how well they fit in with the plastics. Seeing as I'm not (currently) buying masses cost isn't really an issue - and actually they work out cheaper per days painting than 6mm!

I had a good look around at Salute and settled on the Newline Designs figures and bought a pack of French Line Infantry and have finally got round to painting them up.

I must admit I'm very happy with the results. I just painted to my normal (poor) standard, possibly went a bit heavy with the ink wash, but otherwise they look fine.

The figures are really nicely proportioned but are for 20mm plastic on the short side. So I based them on a double thickness of 1/16" play (rather than my standard single thickness), and the net result gives something that fits in really well.

The image below  shows the Newline figures compared to a variety of my plastics (including some 40yr old Airfix!).

The Newline are in the middle. And that's Castigilone going on in the background.

Very happy, and will probably give some cavalry a go later in the year.

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