Tuesday, 23 August 2016

6mm MDF Napoleonics

Back at WMMS earlier in the year I picked up a couple of packs of Commission Figurines new 6mm MDF (!) figures having read about them in MW&BG. I wasn't really contemplating them as a replacement for Baccus, but rather for acting as improved sabot bases to show when my column blocks are in line.

I've just finished painting the infantry and I must say they look great - and certainly at wargames distance you may well be hard put to tell the difference between MDF and metal.

They are certainly going to be ideal for the line sabots - 8 figures per sabot gives me 12 sabots per pack - images to come. It probably takes me 3 days to paint a pack of 96, whereas its more like 6-8 days for the same number of Baccus. Cost wise the MDF figures are £2 for 96, as against £6.60 for the same number of metal. But the metal certainly have more heft and look better close up. I'm currently painting the cavalry (Cuirassier and Dragoons), but I don't think they will look as good as the horses are definitely on the thin, on the way back from Moscow, side.

One thing it did get me thinking of though was doing a whole Infantry Battalion (and possibly cavalry Regiment) at 1:1. It would only be 5 packs and would look quite stunning and be the ideal way to visualise the different formations. A project for the future perhaps.


  1. Not seen these previously David. Aren't they neat?!
    As you say, having them based en masse would be brilliant.
    They are basically flats with depth, I take it?