Friday, 8 July 2016


I've been meaning to buy a copy of Kingmaker on eBay for a couple of years but the price always seems to be too much (£35+). I remember playing this once, maybe twice back in the late 70s/80s and thought it was a nice game with a good period feel, and also gave a good sense of how English geography (particularly the rivers) affected military strategy. Last week I finally managed to pick up a copy for just over £30. The box is a bit battered, and there was no guarantee of every piece being there (although the count looked about right) - but I want to play this rather than keep it as a collectors item. It's also the later Gibson version rather than the original Ariel version, which also keeps the price down - even though it comes with more rule options and at least has the look of the original unlike the US Avalon Hill version. The board is a thing of beauty and very similar to the one I've cribbed for my ECW/Medieval campaigning.

Playtest to follow in the next few months.

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