Sunday, 10 July 2016

Furious Folly

Excellent night out at 10pm on Saturday to see "Furious Folly" an outdoor art piece/performance/pyrotechnics display about WW1, and particularly deserters and conscientious objectors. After a walk through Sutton Park and listen to snippets of letters and quotes about 1000 of us we ended up no-mans-land/prison-camp whilst 4 performers spoke and played bugle/drums above us from four guard like towers, and in the space beyond fireworks, gun-shot simulators, drifting smoke (aka gas) and very loud bangs put us in a suitably reflective mood. There were even rockets zipping back and forth on wires down the edge of the area triggering deep resonant klangs, and at the end modern "drone" propelling (literally) themselves along wires about our heads carrying red warning lights and loudspeakers broadcasting quotes from Bush and Blair.

A slow start, but in the end  a great and memorable event.

Still a chance to catch it in Stockton-On-Tees, 4/5 August.

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