Friday, 17 June 2016

Late Medieval Army - Tranche 2

Destined to fight its way through the War of the Roses and the Hundred Years War my second tranche of Baccus 6mm Late Medievals was completed this last month - just need flags and unit labels. I should now have enough to do all major WOTR/100YW battles at 1:33, possibly even 1:15.

First up later this month will be Bosworth, and I also just bought the Anne Curry book ready for Agincourt next year.

Four early artillery pieces with dismounted men-at-arms and hobilars behind (just love hobilars). (even more so after Salute where whilst browsing the Lance and Longbow stand - and buying an excellent book on WOTR Livery - I overheard some guy asking about Lord of the Rings stuff - he mistook hobilars for hobbits!)

Richard III mounted men-at-arms retinue.

The third tranche next year will be mostly French mounted men-at-arms!

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