Saturday, 2 August 2008

Virtual ROTW - Samarkand

Registan place in Samarkand, Uzbekistan

What place more evocative of the East is there? For me the cult-ural reference will always be the line from the theme to Dominick Hide (the best BBC SF ever):

Are there somewhere islands?
Over the horizon,
Hidden by the morning mist, forever out of reach.

Are there somewhere islands?
Where the coco ripens
Wild canaries in the palms, a foot print on the beach

Are there somewhere mountains?
Talked about is whispers
Himalayas, mountain men never dared to climb

Are there somewhere mountains?
Where the tiger dances
Hillsides sweet with temple bells, half as old as time

(weird, just played it through and can't find the Samarkand reference, will have to watch the DVD tomorrow to find where it is - the finale version obviously has different verses!)

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