Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Mountain Biking

A really nice ride, 17km, a bit on road but mostlyforest and hill tracks through horses and cows and cowbells, with justenough roughness to get the adrenalin going and put the training intopractice. I'd guess about 1000m of descent (we started at 2100m). Lunch in the smallSpanish town of Lilvia (there's a Spanish enclave around the town which is about1/2 mile from the real Spanish border as apparently it declared that its town charter overruled the Treaty whereby this bit of Spain was ceded to France). We got back to the hotel about3ish and all the younger kids have been sat in the hot tub (its now5.20!), so Ruth's had a good afternoon anyway (mountain biking not really being her sport!).

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