Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Jena Campaign - 10 Oct 1806

Prince Louis of Prussia

French campfires burnt all night south of Saalfeld, and by 10am the French force under Lanne . Prince Louis had moved his 8300 men onto the left bank of the Saal, commanding the exit from the defile towards Grafenthal. As Suchet's division of 14,000 left the hills it was engaged by Prince Louis. While skirmishers and light cavalry pinned the Prussians, Suchet attempted a left flank, Louis tried to strengthen that flank whilst advancing towards Beulitz. The fighting continued here and around Croesten, but at 1pm Prince Louis, leading five Cavalry squadrons was killed by the Quartermaster of the French 10th Hussars. The Prussians and Saxons fled to Saale, and the French are reported to have captured 1800 men and 33 guns.

The Prussians under Hohenlohe are falling back towards Kahla and Jena, and those under Frederick William and Brunswick towards Weimar. The expectation is that the French are heading towards Leipzig, and they do indeed appear to be heading for Gera.

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