Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Google Mail

I made the switch to Google Mail today. What joy. What with the cottage and doing more work on the laptop I was getting fed up with having all the mail in Outlook on the PC upstairs. That and all the spam. I got Huma from Robitron to invite me in (thanks Huma) and its wonderful.

As an AJAX app its so much slicker than most web apps. Almost all the functions you want are where you expect them - except Reply which is stuffed down the bottom. The use of tags instead of folders works well. Spam filtering is very effective, and yes, I can now use any of my computers to do my mail - will make life so much easier. There's even an in-built chat system for other GoogleMail users. And the real icing on the cake is the mobile access using the SPV's browser - it works like a dream, a well designed mobile interface makes it all so easy.

I'm now tempted by the Google Calendar if I can get it to sync with the Palm, then I can junk Outlook totally.

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