Friday, 1 April 2005

Multi-Room audio for fifty quid


I've had something of a love-hate relationship with my MP101, and it sat idle for sveral months whilst I upgraded the server to XP, moved onto a new WiFi channel to avoid the neighbourhood interference, and bought an external antenna - and then a wireless repeater - in order to get the signal through all the brick walls in our solidly built 1900s house. However since doing this lot it has performed flawlessly. So flawlessly that I started thinnking about putting MP101s into each of the main rooms in the house. Such an enterprise has now been made readily acheiveable by all the MP101s going at £50 - £60 on eBay. And with the MP115 just launched (no LCD display so no good for this task), chances are MP101s will drop in price even further.

Suffice to say I can now work in the kitchen, utility or lounge and now have my whole music collection played to me. Next rooms - the dining room and the attic/games room.

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