Monday, 11 April 2005

Family History


As a result of my brother digging out the "family history book" that my Grandfather did in the 1930s to show my daughters, and then talking to them in the car on the way home about ancestors and family trees I've momentarily caught the family history bug. Whereas my mental picture was of the Burdens coming from Lincolnshire I now find that that was my paternal grandmother's side, and that the Burdens actually came from Eynsham in Oxfordshire, only a few miles away from my in-laws. Having spent the weekend on the on-line history sites I think I've got the tree back to around 1800, and it looks like someone else can then take it back to the 1600s. Mind you we were only farm labourers so there's no riches buried away. The next step is to go "real world" and pop down to the village to look at gravestones, the Oxfordshire Family History Society and maybe even the Family records Office in London. Finding my way throughthe maze of information has been a real nightmare, so I've added an idiots guide below, mainly to help me and the kids when we return to the topic later, but it may also be of use to someone else. Once I've got a fuller firmer picture of the tree I'll post the relevant data here for any other Burdens to read.

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