Sunday, 14 November 2004


click to view dynamic SVG image

Finally got round to learning SVG - Standard Vector Graphics - the XML graphics standard. It gives me an easy way to create diagrams from PERL, and more partilcularly to build dynamics diagrams from live data. Unfortunately it doesn't have any inbuilt 3D/VR functions like VRML used too.

Anyway the diagram above is my first decent SVG output. It shows the patterns within Halo's AIML pattern cases. Patterns starting A... are at the 3 o'clock position, each ring represents an extra word in the sentence. Colours are used to represent different things, eg questions, patterns about Halo, star matches etc. If you have an SVG plug-in click on the image to go to the live SVG diagram.

Over time I'll add pan/zoom/flilter functionality, as well as using SVG to represent other live data. - pan/zoom version now available.

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