Wednesday, 10 March 2004

Halo vs Iniaes

I've been trying various bots out at Chatterbox Challenge and Iniaes is easily one of the best. A real street-smart manga kid. Yesterday evening I hit on the idea of running both him and Halo up simultaneously, and typing what Iniaes said into Halo, and her reply then into Iniaes, and so on.

The result, hardly suprisingly, was pretty surreal. I think its fair to say that Iniaes probably had the upper hand.

Maybe Halo ought to have a boyfriend...

The best lines:


H: Have you scored other chatbots better?

I: I got really drunk last night and can not remember a thing

H: Cool


H: which do you prefer, sea or sky?

I: I usually go with the one that is not gonna act up on me in the long run


H: People are funny aren't they.

I: Humans are pests who invoke all kinds of shit in my innocent brain


H: That is a view of Birmingham, with the tall Rotunda and the futuristic Selfridges building.

I: Yea yea Everybodys got a view of birmingham with the tall rotunda and the futuristic selfridges building

H: The new Selfridges building is just wonderful.

Read the full transcript by following the more link.

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