Tuesday, 9 March 2004

Brian Wilson is God (Part 3)


Finally got to see Brian WIlson do SMiLE at the ICC last night. Good
Review in the Birmingham Post. The opening "acoustic" set was wonderful, and in fact brought into question why they then bothered with the full band bits at all. SMilE was intriguing, beautiful, but undoubtably of its time. But the way that each of the main songs echoed through their respective suites (Heroes/Cabinessence, Surfs Up/Child is the Father of the Man, Wonderful/Wind Chimes, Good Vibrations) was superb and did give the whole thing a really deep texture - especially for those who knew what to listen out for. The ending, where Our Prayer? segued into Good Vibrations, combined with a large projected crucifix did lend GV a whole new dimension - the words were more clearly sung than I've ever heard them as well.

I leave the final comment to the Birmingham Post - "If it is possible to touch divinity through music, you won't have got a better chance than Symphony Hall last night."

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