Wednesday, 14 January 2004

Grand Challenges

The UK Computing Research Committee, a joint BCS/IEE panel working with universities has identified a number of new Grand Challenges:

- In Vivo - In Silco (IVIS):advanced simulations of life - just like that book

- Global Ubiquitous Computing: in 20 years time we'll have the Global Universal Computer (GUC), formed by every connected computer on the planet (and they'll all be connected)

- Memories for Life: Managing lifes personal records

- Scalable Ubiquitous Computing: build and learn systems

- Architecture of Brain and Mind: How the mind works, and implement elements of it

- Dependable Systems Evolution: Justified, secure systems

- Journeys in Non-Classical Computing: Mimicing biologial and ecological responses in systems design

Past Grand Challenges include:

- Human Genome Project - completed
- Turing Test - outstanding
- Championship chess programme - completed
- Cure for cancer - outstanding
-- Unifying the 4 forces of physics - in progress

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