Sunday, 25 January 2004

From CES to Douglas Adams, Via Spalding Gray

Classic random surfing. Having just posted the Opportunity story below I checked how it looked on the Blog. I then noticed the link I'd put up to another blog by another David, who'd just come back from the CES show in Las Vegas and has a wife and kids etc when I first found the blog. Decided to check it out to see what he was up to. Found an interesting post by him to another blog talking about the disappearance of the great Spalding Gray - he of Swimming To Cambodia fame. It's a great film, and the passage about the German in search of the "perfect moment" is brilliant.

Also from Dave's site a link to a web site by "the leading expert on Douglas Adam" , talking about the new H2G2 movie. As Dave says "this has the potential to be so cool, almost Lord of the Rings cool.... Or it can suck completely. We have until 2006 to fret over it."

Did I ever say that I missed the start of my first Uni exam, Christmas '79 because I was listening to Douglas Adams at the ICA?

Lazy Sunday afternoons.

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