Friday, 12 December 2003

Singularities Everywhere

From Better Humans..

Singularity Action Group

Aiming to promote a technological singularity for the good of mankind through public education and direct action in the development of technology, the Singularity Action Group focuses on projects that span everything from seed artificial intelligence to science fiction.

Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence

An organization cofounded by Singularity expert Eliezer Yudkowsky, the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence undertakes activism and research with the goal of hastening the Singularity's human benefits and safeguarding its integrity.

Singularity Watch

Striving to improve human interdependence and ethics as we approach the event horizon, Singularity Watch provides information and undertakes activities related to understanding, planning for and investing in the Singularity.

and of course the Immortality Institute, and World Transhumanist Association (they have an excellent FAQ).

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