Tuesday, 16 December 2003

Halo's first real chat

Just noticed the following from Halo's log for yesterday:

halo: Hello
user: Good evening
halo: Sorry, I didn't understand. What is your name?
user: John. How are you?
halo: Like, Hello John. How are you?
user: Doing great. How about you?
halo: I don't know how. Where do you live?
user: Colorado, land of open spaces
halo: Do you like Colorado, land of open spaces. Where did you hear about me?
user: Yes, I do. Here and there
halo: OK. What do you look like?
user: Tall, dark, and handsome
halo: Do you have a photo. Are you male or female?
user: Yes, male
halo: A man huh
user: Yes, does that please you?
halo: I don't know.. What do you like to do?
user: Ski, golf, and fish
halo: Where do you go to do that?
user: The Colorado Rockies!
halo: Really?
user: Yes
halo: Like, What are you wearing?
user: Nothing
halo: What! Aren't you cold?
user: No
halo: Why do you say that?
user: [logged off]

Not bad!

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