Monday, 5 March 2018

IABSM Test Game - Turns 1-7

Going well so far. The effectiveness of the initial (corrected) stonk was blunted somewhat by the first few turns having Tea Break cards after the  Axis Big men (removing Shock - ah, are they allowed to do that to Blinds?) but before the Brits could move! Eventually the Brits got going, using the cover of the corn-field and in two turns were crossing the small hedges into the first orchard. The Germans spotted the far right British blind - but that was revealed to be the dummy (1-3 on D6). The next left British 3 platoon were also spotted by the German blind in the forward house, but spotting back this was revealed to be a dummy - so there were no Germans in the first two buildings. The Company Commander doubled 3 platoon towards the house, and they quickly moved in, spotted the German blind in the next house, and  tried to get off some rounds but not being at full effect caused no damage - interesting how simple the IABSM fire chart is - no modifiers, just 3 range band and 3 target/shot categories - seems very odd! 2 Platoon also pushes forward and into the left hand near house - being spotted as they do so. Spotting working well and love the blinds.

Now that the situation was clear, the German's defending the two rear houses (left and centre) and his forces balanced also to the left it was time for the company commander to sit down and do his appreciation or Tactical 7 Questions. In "normal" wargames mode the Brits might just push on, squaring up against the two German strongpoints, and their two MG42, and probably get wiped out. All the Sandhurst training though says to focus on the right building, leave 3 Platoon as a fire base and then go right flanking with Platoons 1 and 2 with bags of smoke. So our gallant company commander calls for 1 Platoon to swing across to the right, followed by 2 Platoon (do they leave the 2nd house vacant?) to make their way to an FUP and start line. We'll see how it goes.

Situation at end of Turn 3. Only 1 Platoon is left on a blind on the British side. At the 1:1 scale 3 Platoon by the right near house is only just visible.

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