Thursday, 21 December 2017

The "last" 6mm

Not properly based yet but these are the last of my 5-7 yrs worth of 6mm painting so I though they deserved their moment in the sun - six understrength troops of ECW horse, including some Scots.

I did a very rough count and I think I've painted about 10,000 individual soldiers, mostly Napoleonic, but a good number of ECW, some Medieval and a few Ancients.

I won't be leaving Peter at Baccus totally devoid of revenue since I'll do one batch (~ 1 month, ~ 4-5 bags) a year to fill in gaps or just do some fun figures - like the Spanish with their long bearskin banners!

I'll post up a photo of the latest ECW batch (9 Inf, 6 Scots, 3 horse) as soon as they are based up.

Otherwise it's on (back) to 20mm!

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