Monday, 10 July 2017

A Finishing Projects Weekend

It's been a busy couple of weeks with dealing with 1:1 soldiers taking precedence over 1/76th or even 1/300th, and haven't had a whole weekend at home for what seems like a couple of months. So in between the gardening tasks I actually managed to get quite a few things finished off this weekend.

First off, I finished basing my 2nd and last batch of late medieval 6mm. Mostly French knights (see centre block shown at top of blog - 176 of them!), some bow and crossbow, and both Scottish and Swiss pike. All set now for Agincourt, hopefully before the end of the month.

Next up was finishing off the Polish Lancers, 9 figures per Regiment. They'll get their proper bases once I've done the Dutch Lancers. Nice 20mm metal figures from Newline. Didn't realise that about 1/3rd of the "Red" Lancers were actually blue - only the Old Guard squadrons wore red.

In the odds-and-ends category I also finally painted up the 6mm medieval buildings I bought from The Square at Salute, and also some objective markers and sniper/ambush markers for use primarily in mechanised games.

Oh, and you may have spotted some 20mm BAOR vehicles in the background. I found those in a box when clearing out the loft the other day. The Scorpion/Scimitar (latter in AMF(L) Norwegian garb)) are the Airfix kit, but the FV432 and Fox were scratch built by me aged about 17 - from plans in Military Modelling or Airfix Magasine I think.

Well, that's it for the weekend, apart from getting started on the "Red" Lancers. The main aim this week is to start the Auerstedt wargame.

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