Friday, 2 June 2017

The Battle for Grosse Mahner Gap - ENDEX

About turn 22 and the game has come to and end. As the Soviets edged closer to Grosse Mahner itself, and started coming under fire form there and so making it a legitimate target, they started to bring down sustained artillery fire on the village, first from 2S1s and then a regimental shoot from the divisional BM21 regiment. The Brits tried to call in a Jaguar cluster bomb strike on the advancing BMPs and remaining T64s but again the SA-9 Gaskin caused both to abort, one with heavy damage. It was the BM21s that made the killer blow through, rolling 18 D6 for each unit around the village (with a 6 hex damage area), and scoring hits on 6+ in the village and 4+ out of it. The company in the village was pretty mush devastated, but the real prize was the Bn HQ sat behind the village in the open (never again) which caught the full force of the rockets and just ceased to exist. With only open operational company and a couple of Chieftains it was time for the remaining defenders to withdraw.

Overall a good game, if a tad long, but there was a whole MRR in the assault. The rules still worked pretty well but quite a few bits to tweak and clarify and make a bit more my own (eg armour saves on IDF - why at full whack? Treating Mortars as IDF not DF. Scope of MFC/FOO, HQ movement and damage). The big issues, as intimated before though, is that modern (any mechwar?) combats at this scale come down to artillery fire - the BM21 stonk just ended the game. Perhaps a more cluttered and distributed environment would give a better game (Harz mountains?).

I'll take a rest from Modern's now, and the next outing for CWC/BKC, will probably be when I do WW2 Desert War in the autumn.

Here's a few photos to finish with.

The BM21 stonk in progress - small white markers show unit damage

First wave infantry company taking casualties - probably 2nd Company that would take GM

Aerial view - note Battlegroup HQ smoking at the top

The BM21 regiment

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